Al-Jive Mestizo

Sicilian by birth, Irish by adoption and nomadic by spirit Alberto Ciotta a.k.a. Al-Jive Mestizo has been seen rocking private Irish parties for years but it’s only when he came back from a 7 months long South American trip after quitting his day time corporate job in 2014 that he fully embraced the public dj life style.

Since then he’s been gigging at several Irish festivals such as, to name only few, Townlands Carnival, Scrobarnach, Electric Picnic, Body&Soul, plus at other events held mainly in Cork, Dublin and Galway area.

Last 2 editions of Townlands Carnival Festival have seen him involved, directly with a bunch of friend in 2016 and collaborating with No System (FR) and Frangins Frendleyks (FR) crews in 2017, in the production of the successfull Le Cirque Du Freak Out stage.
Last 2 years he has embraced a nomadic life style driving his converted van through Southern Europe playing his eclectic music selections at events and festivals in Portugal, Spain, France, Croatia and Italy also, to name only few, Freekuency Festival (PT), Balkan Vs. Tropik 2 (FR), Tropicastel (FR) & Goulash Disko Festival (HR).

His sets initially, mainly, influenced by electroswing and balkan/gypsy music, are now an eclectic mix of global underground electronic sounds ranging from the chilled downtempo to the more dancefloor friendly ones, all spiced up with a borderless feeling.

If today in the world there is who wants to build up walls to divide people, there is also who as Al-Jive Mestizo wants to put down the same walls with his music proposal.

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