Al Jive Mestizo

Alberto Ciotta a.k.a. Al-Jive Mestizo is a Sicilian selector/dj based in Cork, Ireland whom eclectic sets include a wide range of music genres such as, primarily, Balkan Beats, Electroswing, NuCumbia, Tropical Bass, Global Bass, World Beats and any other spicy sounds that he comes across whilst delving into the endless world of international beats.

With his ability to transform himself on stage and to involve the audience, Al-Jive Mestizo’s is able to bring his audience through an oneiric journey which creates a variety of atmospheres such as, to name a few, arabic medina, 1920’s prohibitionism, gypsy fire camps and amazonian rainforest shamanic rituals.
If there are people today in the world that want to build up walls to divide people, there is also who as Al-Jive Mestizo wants to put down the same walls with his music proposal.

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