Cork native electronic producer Bantum – AKA Ruairi Lynch – is at Townlands Carnival this year with the long-awaited follow up to his 2013 debut album. It’s entitled Move, features guest appearances from Rusangano Family, CC Brez, and Loah amongst others. The album is the culmination of 2 years of experimentation and collaboration with a host of exceptional Irish artists.

Talking about the process behind the album, Ruairi said :

“I wrote the first line of the title track – “Move” – nearly 2 years ago – but I had a sound in my head that I couldn’t quite get, so it was scrapped. After some exploration I found another sound, which became “Take It” with Loah – a collaboration that came about via Ensemble Music – which then sparked the idea for “Voodoo Sweat” with CC Brez and Louize Carroll. “Pacing” also came from those sessions, taking direct inspiration from the late Conor Walsh (who the song is dedicated to) and Jon Hopkins.”

In the meantime, Ruairi also tried working with a couple of high profile vocalists in the UK, none of which winded up on the album as he realised that collaborations have to happen organically, only working when both artists are on the same page.




“Farah Elle came on the recommendation of her brother, and within 2 days of sending her the track we had “Feel It Out”. A chance trip to London led me to Adam Townsend, otherwise known as Weisman. A shared appreciation of all things Moderat/Thom Yorke led us to what would eventually become “Already There”. “Feel Your Rhythm” was a track I had initially worked on with Senita of Shookrah, but it was missing something. God Knows from The Rusangano Family insisted I send on any ideas, and this was the one.

Now, the first track I started became the last one to finish. On the insistence of a friend I dug out that first scrapped instrumental and reworked it. I didn’t really expect to have this bunch of songs, let alone one or two. I have my friends to thank for that.”


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