Cuttin Heads

“Also known as “Headcutting,” the term refers to a competition between musicians in which one player will try to outdo another by outplaying or out performing a rival.

A time-honoured blues tradition, Muddy Waters and his bands were known as dangerous headcutters on the Chicago blues scene.”

What began as a few people coming together to promote some hip hop/beats related gigs has now become a full blown collective of DJs, promoters, artists, producers, designers and journalists. Projects our members have been involved with over the years include nights like !Kaboogie, The Hobo Convention, DubCulture, Eclecto, and SubSessions, Festivals such as LiveStyles Fest and Prima Volta as well as media for Rabble, Skirmish Blog, Cork24 etc.

In the short time since their conception in the late months of 2015 they’ve hosted many of the best Hip Hop, Grime and Beats related artists and DJs the country has to offer such as MynameisjOhn, Naive Ted, Shrieken, Sons Phonetic, Handsome Paddy, Costello, Rob DC, Colm K, SameD4ence, Clerk5 and even Illa J.

They are also gaining a reputation for their high energy sets that include turntablism, live beat making, rapping, breaking etc. They’ve already performed well received shows in Limerick (DIE) Galway (Community Skratch Games) Tralee (Eclecto) and festivals such as Scrobarnach and SiDuBi.

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