It’s More Than Just A Night. It’s The Day Before, The Morning After, The Prospect Of What’s To Come Or The Recollections Of What Has Been. It Isn’t Just About Banging Choons, Raw Talent, Sweat Boxes, Decks And Guitars. It’s Not All About The Clothes We Wear Or The Shapes We Make Or The Triangles On The Walls.

D.I.E. Is A Celebration Of Life. 

It’s About People Coming Together As Friends And Sharing Memorable Experiences Together Through The Medium Of Art Music And Dance. Its A Celebration Of Youth However Old You May Be. It’s Not About Your Gender, Your Race, Your Political Ideals Or Your Sexual Orientation. On That Dancefloor, There Are No Ideals.  They Only Ask One Thing; That You Be Sound. Scientist, Dentist, Feminist, Budist, Nudist, Optimist, That’s All Right But Most Importantly, Just Be A ‘Sound’ist.

People Have Always Been Doing The Same Thing, From Dancing At The Crossroads To The Era Of The Big Show Bands. There Was The Northern Soul Club Scene To The 90’S Raves, 80’S Ibiza, And The Love Parade. We’ve Always Celebrated Life And Our Time Is Now. D.I.E. Is Your Space To Do The Same Thing And Make This Era A Time Of Good Memories, Friendship And Love.

Dance And Be Free,
We Love To Live We D.I.E.

This is the machine that keeps your feet moving and your asses shaking. They are the ones working hard to supply the music, lights, visuals, photos, videos and stage production that makes D.I.E. so special. Together they have a party wielding wealth of knowledge that spans decades and across the world. From club to pub, festival to front room, they have been there.

The D.I.E crew encompasses a multitude of talented musicians and multimedia professionals. Expect to be taken on a journey through time, space and music. Just relax and enjoy the trip. 

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