Dan Sykes

Dan Sykes is somewhat of a familiar name in the electronic music scene. Having promoted in nights, festivals, raves, carts and early morning shindigs since 2004. VIVA, Micronite, TNAC, Bump Festival, Macronite, Lough Weekend and the mighty DIE.

As a DJ in the club, Techno and tougher sounds dominate the speakers but as a student of Limerick City and its music culture he also plays much more varied music and genres.

His Component radio show was on the airwaves for over 7 years and explored as much music as possible. Under his Dugdale moniker he self-released “Sketches from memory” in August 2014 and in September Forte Techno released his first Techno EP “Club tracks in Minor” that received support from Truncate, Marco Nastic, Energun, Anderson Noise, Ortin Cam, and many more. After a 2 year stint in South America Dan is now focusing on long DJ sets to create a journey of music that lasts until the sun comes up.

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