Gary Fitz

Formerly based out of Tralee but now residing in Cork, Gary Fitz has been DJing in and around the Munster area for 15 years.

Known for his diverse sets which incorporate everything from Drone, Dub, and Reggae to Soul, Funk and Disco, as well as a wide range of electronic styles including Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Grime & Drum & Bass.

He currently runs the 9 year Tralee institution Eclecto with Steven Horan at The Osborne & has now carried that name & ethos  to Cork.He has has held down residencies in all 3 of Tralee’s nightclubs (Horans, Fabric & Benners). Roundys Bar,No 4 on The Square, The Abbey Inn and The Basket.

Gary was also resident DJ for the PausePlay Collective.

Since in Cork Gary has had residencies at venues all over town including The Edison, 32 Marlboro St, The Hub, The Sextant,The Porterhouse,Urban Jungle ,Bar Pigalle and more. Notable nights include “Diggin” and “Then & Now” (both collaborative efforts with Jus’Me),Auxiliary with Olan Cahill & Darren Li and the  Cuttin Heads Collective.

Outside of his own nights he’s played well received sets at events such as The Red Social Club (Savoy), Monotonik (The Audio Rooms) Phoniq, Evolution DNB, Rise Up and Under The Skin (The Library) Bastardo Electrico in Cypress Avenue (4 deck battle with Jamie Behan!),Gutter in Limerick,The Blue Note Galway,Valentia Island Festival, Scobarnach,Life Festival, Diffract, played the finishing at  the Galway Scratch Games and most recently was the front man of Corks underground haven Cube .

He’s also been on warm up duties for international names such as Ben Sims, Billy Nasty, Trevor Rockliffe, Jim Masters, Slam, Timo Maas, Jon Rundell, Vitallic, Stephen Brown, Aril Brikha.Traxman, Sam Binga, Optimo Trax.Khan.

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