Jamie Behan

For the last 15 years Jamie Behan has been one of the foremost champions of techno in Ireland. He is the promoter and resident DJ at Ireland’s longest running techno night Bastardo Electrico and runs the respected record label of the same name, which has seen releases by Sunil Sharpe, DJ Bone, Ku.Bo, Ozka, Flexure, and Trish Van Eynde to name a few.

On the homefront, Jamie plays regularly around Ireland every weekend, headlining clubs across the country. He is also resident DJ at Techno Fridays and Scrobarnach Festival, and is a fixture on the Irish festival circuit. Further afield he has made notable appearances at clubs such as Tresor and Griessmuehle in Berlin, Corsica Studios in London, Aquarius in Zagreb, Dimensions Festival in Croatia, Amsterdam Dance Event, amongst other events and clubs in England, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and Bahrain. Through these performances he has gained a formidable and respected reputation for his versatile selections, skills and physical power behind the decks with his quick fire mixing and fast paced DJ sets incorporating 3-4 decks to fuse different styles of techno, house, and electro into a pulsating mutant groove. From hard and fast pounders, to deep and hypnotic, to jacking and acidic, to soulful and funky techno, Behan’s ethos as a DJ is that genre distinctions aren’t important, it’s the music and its impact that matters. He never maps out his sets ahead of time, preferring to craft his DJ sets spontaneously on the fly in reaction to the current context.

This improvisation makes each of his sets one-of-a-kind, never again to be repeated experience in which the audience’s energy level always plays a central role, which helps explain why Behan has garnered unique respect around his home country of Ireland and increasingly further afield. In 2016, after an impromptu back to back set at Griessmuehle, Behan and KilleKill boss DJ Flush formed the DJ duo “Cork Bangers” (and soon to be production duo) as an outlet for hard-hitting Chicago ghetto house, which they use as a platform for which to explore all different avenues of electronic funk. In the studio he made early forays into production with releases on Bastardo Electrico, Nice&Nasty, and Static between 2007 and 2010. After an extended break he has now  formed the duo FLEXURE, a collaboration with fellow Irish DJ Stephen Mahoney, whose debut ep “Shadow Puppets” is released on Bastardo Electrico in January 2017 with early support coming from Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Truss, Dax J, Rolando, Sunil Sharpe, Kamikaze Space Programme, John Heckle, Progression&Rumah, Lee Holman amongst others. With two more Flexure EPs and a solo release forthcoming in 2017 Behan is set to unleash his personal vision of techno onto a wider audience.

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