Sarah Beth

Sarah-Beth is an alternative singer-songwriter who’s music may be described as a mix of folk, soul and Hip hop.

The 20 year old began writing songs by her piano as a source of entertainment, also as a way to escape her classical studies.

She uses music to reflect on situations, experiences and relationships and what’s going on in the world around her. For Sarah-Beth, live performance has always been an important aspect of music as it allows her to connect with her audience on an intimate and personal level.

In 2016, Sarah-Beth formed a band with some very talented musicians whom she met at Music College. They began experimenting with different sounds and styles with the aim of creating something both new and exciting yet easy to digest. The outcome was alternative soul meets hip hop. They have had some recent success supporting acts such as Wyvern Lingo and The Hypnotic Brass ensemble in St. Luke’s Cathedral. The show is atmospheric, upbeat and most importantly – original.

‘Your Muse’ is the upcoming Summer EP from Sarah-Beth. The theme of this EP is the celebration of the human being and the soul – something which surpasses physical beauty. ‘I believe in the power of art and its ability to communicate important issues, innovate and make people think about the world from a different perspective’.

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