Swingin' Travellers

Swingin’Travellers is the electronic soundsytem composed of 2 DJs and 3 live musicians improvising during the show. It focuses mainly on electro-swing and balkan beats parties with the taste of different music genres such as ska, reggae, hip hop, drum’n’bass or dubstep.

But it is not only DJ project… The combination with live instruments & vocals changes the party into energic circus, which keeps every shoe dancing all over through the night.

Swingin Travellers are organise mostly two types of parties, but are open widely open to jaming also to different genres. The party concepts are:

Electro Swing Night

Get the feeling of 30’s with the modern coat of electronic music.. With wild violin, deep voice of vocals and warm tones of sicilian accordeon you will transfer your mind in old ages, when stylish gentlemans were asking for a dance with modern ladies in boas, mascaras and simple dress..

Balkan Madness Party

Energic beats of southern lands… Balkan madness parties full of brass instruments and crazy breaks, which takes you in the middle of balkan wedding, full of dancing, spirits and fun…

How it works!

DJs and musicians are used to all night long setups. Shows are always complex entertainment based on mood and atiitude of guests in club and usually keep people dancing from first tunes to very last.

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