Worries Outernational

One of the leading soundsystems pushing reggae and dancehall music in Ireland, entertaining crowds at home and beyond since 2003. Well known for their long standing Saturday club ‘Reggae Fever’ as well as ‘Dancehall Styles’ formerly held in the Temple Bar Music Centre.

Regulars know to expect a crucial mix of Roots, Revival, Digital & Dancehall styles when ‘Worries’ pass through. Comprising of five long time reggae ‘Selectors’ the crew is firmly rooted in Soundsystem tradition, with each member bringing their own style and flavour to the mix. All are well known on the club scene in Ireland with a solid reputation for top quality reggae music.

Frequent trips to the UK & Europe keep the crew in tune with the wider reggae world and provide vital links for dubplate specials and guests to perform at home in Ireland.

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