Shiver-me- Timbers Pirate Themed Area

Big Bubbles  hosts the Shiver-me- Timbers! Family Area, a safe and exiting place for chilling out and family fun with a funky, Old World Pirate themed atmosphere.

There’s the Buccaneer’s beached Dragon Pirate Ship, flying the Jolly Roger, where little lads and lassies can sail the seven seas and fish monsters of the deep, or just relax and build sand-castles.

Off-set in one corner is the Giant Angry Birds Catapult Game, where you can shoot at the Pigs on their New Galion amid the Sea-scape. Giant Wooden Castle where, with skill, you can knock down the skittles with beany-bags or try your hand at making giant bubbles….

We’ll be rolling out our “Star Gazer” Hammock structure, where you can relax and float off in the midday sun, or gaze at the stars at night. Face-painters and entertainers for junior buckos’.

There’s a humongous hide-away Bell Tent, a chic and comfortable area all kitted out with coco matting, massive multi coloured giant bean-bags and giant wooden toddler’s toys where you can relax and take it easy and get shade from the sun!

All of this and more in one area, for kids and parents alike…So spread the word and see you there!

Aaaarrrrggghhh Mateys!

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