Our crazy ‘SUBATOMIC’ crew tear themselves away from Townlands Carnival preparation with their entry to the Red Bull Soapbox Race – ‘AXLE OF EVIL’

Sponsored by Audio Jack and Atlas Weighing Ltd. This collection of music loving, event creating loons, thrive on thrill and are set to dice with danger when they take to St. Patricks Hill, Cork City this bank holiday weekend.

We are still undecided whether pilot Mark Cronin drew the short straw, has been hypnotised or whether the ‘Axle Of Evil’ indeed turned on him and blew his mind so much he actually volunteered. However, we do know that the the rest of the team Jack Smiles, Seb Beukers, Dave O Leary and Fionn O Leary have brought their mechanical minds topped with all things wild and wacky to create a speed demon.

Voting is now open for the this year’s entries, and though we’re not usually a gambling bunch, we know where we’re hedging our bets!



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