After being evicted from The Fleapit by the so called selfappointed Mayor of Townlands in 2015 for alleged noise complaints we’ve had to find a new site to accommodate our satanic and deborturous dance rituals. After hearing some rumours about an abandoned power station on the outskirts of town we had to take a look for ourselves.

Exploring the land and forests around the town we finally found what we’d been looking for! The years of neglect, leaking pipes, radioactive spillage and weird goings on have kept most people at bay, but we are not most people!

Now after nearly 11 months of hard work we have finally got the core of this forgotten power station ignited, Sub-Atomic is officially on the map! Our new power house will be supplying pounding beats to the people of Townlands with a 14,000w Void system delivering 34Hz to 20,000Hz at 136dB’s.

Powering some of the best Techno, House, DnB, Jungle and Bassline acts from Ireland and the UK, along with a host of local acts, funky beats, scratch DJ’s and group battles expect to be fuelled up on bass!

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