As we enter our fourth year at Leades House our sustainability team are patiently building on the foundations laid over the previous two years. Since our inception, we have invested in some essential groundwork for the festival site with the dual effect of enhancing your experience and to augment our sustainability abilities. We believe in being as eco-friendly as possible and we’d like to invite you on our mission to achieve this!

As we are an independently run festival we must be strategic with our approach towards growth and sustainability. This year we have grouped our sustainability goals into 3 separate areas of focus: Economy, Society and Environmental.

Firstly, our economic goals include maintaining independence, supporting our self-funded management team and to achieve a balance in income and expenditure depending on your attendance. This festival is a labour of love but we are intimately aware that we must achieve a certain revenue level to ensure we grow organically and sustainably.

To further augment our economic goals we plan to support the local economy as much as possible. This goal contributes to both the economic goals and societal goals for our festival. By contributing to the local economy of Macroom a multiplier effect of economical generation is encouraged. The approach has been proven to work in Kinsale’s ‘Transition town’ concept. We are also exploring an innovative mix of sponsorship, partnership and collaborations to offer a diverse range of products and services on our festival site.

Secondly, we at TLC aim to improve and enhance our local community here in Macroom. We are hiring locals to fill our roles in our bars, café and production. We have also created a volunteer and ambassador programme that aims to engage the younger members of Macroom and surrounding environs. The goal of these programmes is to inspire and to encourage younger generations participation in the creative industries. We are also providing a platform for the creative community to perform and engage with a captive audience.

Finally, our approach to environmental sustainability has been improving each year. Thankfully we are continuing on the success of the ‘Environbond’ concept and our sustainable approach to logistics (and transportation (car pooling/shuttle bus). We are looking to develop our bio diesel campaign, and work with LED lights, compostable toilets and intelligent production planning. We are also enhancing our ‘Leave no Trace’ policy by introducing a ‘Green Fields Project’ of Zero waste left behind on campsite combined with the Leave no tent behind concept. We are also introducing the use of ‘Nifty Bins’ to assist with separating our waste at source.

Native Events will be on hand to conduct energy audits to help design intelligent energy plans for our on site generators. We are also designing a sustainable legacy concept that will leave a long lasting positive impact on the festival site.

We strive for a more balanced and sustainable future by being mindful of the present.

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